Let's cut to the chase. 

1. Why should we select you to photograph our wedding? 

Good question. Fair question.

Let me offer a good and fair response.

We "get weddings."

We understand what needs to be done, and then we just do it. All day, over and over. Consistently, nicely, unobtrusively, and with a smile. 

We know when to be photographers, wedding coordinators, or even therapists. We will keep your day on schedule and how to use our surroundings to make great images. All day, no matter the weather, it's what we do to earn a living. Carefully look through our sample galleries. You should come away noticing how much smiling and laughing there is. That's what happens at weddings, people have fun. 

We professionally work with every other vendor of yours to get the results you are expecting. We know how all the pieces of your wedding day fit together. We know it's not all about the photography. We get that photographing weddings is both an art and science. Equal parts service and vision. 

We offer flexible service levels. We offer custom package options.

Our photographic style is best described as natural. As in, you will look very comfortable in your images. We are skilled at capturing you and your guests "going about your lives" during your wedding day. Natural smiles, genuine emotions and real moments, as they happen, not as we force them upon you. We are at our best when we get to "button-pushing" mode. As in, you live your life, we push the buttons on the camera and capture what we see. 

You will not regret making the decision to make the investment in our services. 

Great photography is the only wedding day investment guaranteed to appreciate with time. 

Don't just tell great stories about your wedding day... show great stories. 

2. Wedding photography seems expensive to me. Why is that?

To start, the "business model" of wedding photography has morphed a great deal in the last ten years or so. Before high quality/low cost scanners existed, wedding photographers were very secure about how they could make a living. They could easily offer lower upfront pricing for their services confident they had a virtual monopoly on the after-sale. Clients really had few options for obtaining prints from their wedding images. Proofs were physically marked up and pretty much impossible to copy. You paid the photographer's prices or you didn't have prints. Not much of a choice. 

The transition from film to digital capture changed that. No more explanation needed. Now most clients want complete control of their images. Facebook & Twitter can be updated in real time with images from your wedding day. 

Clients have come to expect complete control and ownership of the work created and to do with as they please. We say, no problem! That's what we offer. From a business model, it means this: as a skilled professional, in order for our main focus in life to be photography we need to charge enough to keep our business running, provide us with adequate income to live on, and enough income that we don’t require a second job. Many photographers have a second income, which is fine, but a second job prevents you from doing the first one with 100% of your efforts. 
Bottom line is in the photography world, you get what you pay for. If you want your wedding to be unforgettable, hire professionals who won’t miss the best parts, and who know how to put it all together in an unforgettable manner.

3. How do payments work?

We ask for 50% of your shoot fee to be paid to hold the booking, and the other half to be paid the month before the wedding (30 days minimum).