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Love Is In The Air - Engagement Photo Shoot

Engagement photos are a keepsake that you and your partner will cherish for the rest of your lives. It's such a beautiful time to look back on when you are older, to remember the days of being young and in love, ready to commit your lives to one another and not letting anything stand in your way from being with the person you love. Sarina and I truly feel honoured when couples invite us into their lives to have an engagement shoot. There is something about it, the couples are oozing love and excitement and it is almost contagious! You can't help but smile when witnessing two people so in love and ready to make that leap of faith. We had the opportunity to photograph Julie-Ann and Greg this last January. They wanted to have a winter-themed engagement session since they are planning on getting married in Vegas this year. They brought along their adorable dogs, Franklin and Zoe, and the day was filled with laughter.

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Something Blue

Sarina and I absolutely love the colour blue and the tradition of wearing it on your wedding day. It's so interesting to see what each bride decides to do with the long time tradition and we have highlighted our favourite ways of honouring the old English rhyme. 

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Lost in Love: The Essential Playlist

When it comes to planning a wedding, you should always remember to stay present and not get lost in the stress. As crazy as it can get, these moments will only happen once in your life and you have to enjoy them or what is the point of it all? This week, we have created a fun and loving playlist for you and your husband-to-be when the planning gets tough. Take time to dance the night away with your love and get lost in the music! Enjoy :)

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Floral-Inspired Wedding Cakes For Spring!

Choosing a wedding cake is a difficult and delicious task for every bride and groom-to-be. There are so many aspects that go into choosing the perfect confectionary for your guests to enjoy on your wedding day. Budget, taste, and design are a few things you have to consider when deciding what cake you and your future husband will be slicing into on your wedding night. Since spring is just around the corner (hopefully), Sarina and I have picked a few of our favourite floral-inspired cakes this week! 

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Wedding Photo Inspiration From The Pros

As wedding photographers, we believe the most important part of the celebration is capturing the beautiful and unplanned moments of the day. Our goal is to catch as many candid moments as possible, revealing the true emotions between two people and their families. This week we have chosen some of our favourite celebrity photos that give us inspiration when shooting those unique moments!

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Top 5 Songs For The Most Important Woman In Your Life

There was such an overwhelming response to our last blog post about father-daughter dance songs that we decided to showcase the very important women in our lives as well! Mother-daughter dances at weddings are growing in trend and we have chosen our top 5 songs to waltz the night away with the woman who has always been by your side. Grab your tissues, ladies!

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Elope Now, Celebrate Later!

Eloping has changed a lot since our parents days. Its not about sneaking off in the middle of the night with a guy your folks disapprove of. Eloping has become a lot more fun and a lot less frowned upon in 2015. Weddings have blown up into something absolutely colossal in today’s culture, but still more and more couples are choosing to elope. Choosing to elope doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all of the fun aspects of your wedding, it just keeps the ceremony simple, and what you choose to do afterwards is up to you and your groom.

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All I Want For Christmas Is A Vera Wang

Vera Wang has been dubbed the queen of bridal couture and rightfully so. Year after year, she comes up with absolute masterpieces for women to wear on their special day. Celebrities like Hilary Duff, Ivanka Trump and Alicia Keys are just a few that have walked down the aisle in her gowns. Just because most of us can't afford a designer dress, doesn't mean we can't look! Happy Holidays!

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Get to Know the Women Behind In White - Part 2 Sarina

There are many things I love about shooting weddings but my favorite is that I get to be such a big part of such an important day for a couple. A wedding marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. Two people offer their love and their lives to each other for the purpose of making each other better. Being able to not only photograph but witness the words exchanged between two people is what makes it all worth it. To me there is nothing more sacred than the agreement made between two people.

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Get To Know The Women Behind The Lens - Part 1 Calie

Having the opportunity to capture those emotional moments throughout the special day. It’s easy to set up a great shot between the bride and groom during the photo shoot after the ceremony, but it’s the unexpected photos with true emotions that really get me.  A special moment between a bride and her father, a loving look that the groom gives his bride as he sees her for the first time when she walks down the aisle, and so many more moments. It’s those parts alone that really make photographing weddings so enjoyable.

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The Top 5 Wedding Responsibilities That the Groom-to-be Can’t Skip

This one goes out to all of the lucky men out there who are about to marry the woman of their dreams. Now listen up, guys! We know that planning a wedding isn’t your ideal way to spend most of your days, but it means a lot to the woman who stands next to you, and for that reason alone, we’ve put together a list of duties that you should willingly be involved in (if not more!).

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5 Habits of Highly Successful (and Happy) Brides

Calling all brides - its time to give it to you straight ladies. The fact that you are engaged means you have also taken on a new full time gig; your wedding. Now if you are one of the few lucky ones, your fiancé is hands on and involved; but lets get real here girls, chances are you are going to be the one planning 80% of this day and you have got to get into work mode. But trust us, it’s worth it! And as long as you follow these tips and incorporate these habits into your life, this wedding planning is going to be a breeze.

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Edmonton Wedding Photography | Sarina & Matthew

Edmonton Wedding Photography On September 4th 2014 Sarina and Matthew exchanged vows before a small gathering of family and close friends. The ceremony, and reception where held at Lindon House in Kelowna, BC. The house is over 100 years old, every detail has been brought back to life creating a timeless and whimsical feel. The setting was perfect for Sarina's vision of a vintage romance themed wedding, the environment was relaxed and full of love. Hair was done by Renada Freeland, Makeup was done by Makeup by Brenna, and Water Front Resturant did the delicious food.

Wedding Photography Sherwood Park - Tamara & Daniel

Wedding Photography Sherwood Park Tamara and Daniel are a one of a kind couple.  To see these two as happy as they were on their wedding day was quite the site! This lovely couple got married back on July 19, 2014.  They got married at the beautiful Stone Barn Garden in Leduc, AB.  It was a rainy day and there were definitely some worries that it wouldn't let up for their outdoor ceremony and photos, but sure enough, as the bride arrived, the rain let up! Fifteen minutes into the ceremony out came the sun for a beautiful evening.  We could not have asked for better lighting for their photos, everything turned out amazing!

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Edmonton Wedding Photography - Christie & Jon

Edmonton Wedding Photography Christie & Jon got married on May 17, 2014.  All I can say is, I've never seen a couple who cares for each other like these two do.  It is amazing to see how truly in love they are.  We photographed Christie & Jon back in December of 2013 (check out their engagement photos here), and they were such a treat to photograph.  Getting to know this couple has been amazing, but getting to know their families on the day of the wedding left us speechless.  I can't say as I have EVER seen two families so close to one another, and brought together by none other than Christie and Jon.  It truly is astonishing to watch these families together, and how well they know each other already. I was shocked! Not to mention their friends as well! They are such a tightly knit group and they are all such warm hearted people.  It was definitely a wedding I will never forget.

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