When you find the right one you just know. It's impossible to explain, but it's just how love happens. Two people together make each other better. They balance their strengths and their weaknesses like a beautiful dance; an expression of their dedication to one another. Two people encourage each other to push the limits beyond what was once thought possible, creating a life full of beauty and imagination. 

From the beginning, Calie and Sarina knew they were meant to make beautiful images together. It was a union blessed from the start. Where one might struggle, the other offers a helping hand. They have a balance of artistic and technical skills that can capture every emotion of your special day.

For some, the moment comes immediately as it did for us. For others, the moment smolders slowly and then reveals itself in consuming flame.

You see, even in pictures you recognize when someone has known true love, and it is our desire to capture those moments as testimonies to the waiting world, testimonies to prove that they, too, will someday know a love that knows no bounds.

That is what we desire; that is what we do. Most importantly, that is what we do together, because together we are better.


In White Studios

15824-10 Avenue SW
Edmonton, AB
T6W 2H2

Monday-Saturday 10am - 6pm
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